Moments in the Garden Year in Review 2017

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 This is always the time of the year when I like to reflect on highlights throughout the year in the Findleberry Garden and Fintry Provincial Park.  As ever 2017 started off with deep snow, but it always gives me an opportunity to experiment with my photography.  In particular I remember capturing an Eastern Bluebird which loved the remaining berries on my vines.  Sadly this year, the bear ate all the berries so I doubt we will get so many unusual feathered friends.  

Snow on Holly Bush
Eastern Bluebird
Shorts Creek – Fintry Provincial Park 

Moving on ….as ever I am an impatient gardener and I am always anxious for spring to arrive.  It helps bringing spring indoors with forced bulbs. Containers filled with muscari, iris reticulata, daffodil and tulip. First to bloom in the garden is the witch hazel with its curly yellow fragrant blooms and the first of the bulbs, snowdrops.  Always such a great sight to see after a long hard winter.  

This is also the time when I concentrate on ordering seeds and planning what to sow in both the flower and vegetable beds. 

As Spring finally approaches there are signs of life from new green shoots to crocuses beginning to bloom and miniature daffodils.  I start to brighten up the containers with colourful pansies and primroses.

As we approach the months of April and May the garden really starts to come alive.   I never know quite what to photograph first. I was also reminded of the high water levels in Shorts Creek and the ultimate flooding of homes along the lake front in Fintry.  Here’s hoping that levels in 2018 will not be so high.  

June and July the garden is at its best and I could dedicate a whole blog post to the many flowers and shrubs that are in bloom; not to mention hanging baskets and the vegetable patch.  I attended for the first time the Kelowna garden tour and I was amazed at the caliber of the gardens.  The contrasts in styles from small cottage garden to large landscapes with impressive retaining walls.  Most unique was our last stop at a culinary garden where vegetables raised are provided to speciality restaurants in the Kelowna area.  

Kelowna Garden Tour 

 As we near August and September there are often lulls in the garden caused by high temperatures.  By this time though there is not so much garden maintenance and I always appreciate a little break.  Extra watering is needed with the hanging baskets to keep them going but now we benefit from produce provided by the vegetable patch.  In particular my greenhouse tomatoes; these lasted all the way through until late October.  

The Findleberry Rockery Garden – August 2017
Blooms on the Hydrangea Paniculata – Always a Show Stopper
An Abundance of Cherry Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes on the vine in Greenhouse
Two Tone Phlox


There is still plenty of colour and growth in the garden throughout the months of October and November although this year we were hit with a blast of winter on November 2nd to be exact.  My husband and I just managed to get the more tender plants into the garage for overwintering.  I was caught out though as regards remaining vegetables and the frost and snow certainly got to them.  

We have now come full circle and as I write this post we are at the moment snow free which is a surprise.  The garden now though is in its dormant stage and I take the opportunity on clear warm days to rake up leaves and prune the roses and some of the perennials.  This is when I love to collect fresh greenery from our surrounding area and create wreaths, swags and festive outside containers.

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