Creeping vine on garage (1 of 1) Echinecea in full bloom IMG_0986Groom lifting bride Yellow rosePyrethrum, Painted DaisiesWildflowers, coreopsis
Moments in the Garden evolved through my gardening blog, The Findleberry Gardener.  Not long after starting my blog in April 2014, I soon realized that in order to capture my audience I needed to take good photos of the trees, shrubs and flowers in my own garden throughout the seasons as well as flora and fauna on trips away.  The more I became involved with photography, the more passionate I became about pursuing this.
 I love to capture photos of the garden especially in the early morning light or at dusk.  It has taken me along a whole different journey and gives me focus each day.  Although I mainly deal with botanical and landscape photography, I am always keen to experiment with new material and do like on occasion to do wedding shoots.  
Along with my botanical photos I continue to share my gardening experiences.  Even though I have a small size cottage style garden, the principles of gardening remain the same.  

Would love to hear your feedback.