Frost and Dew

Snow Capped Hills
Dew drops on Japanese Maple

Frost and Dew.  After the dreariness of the last few days I really welcomed a sunny brisk walk in Fintry Provincial Park.   Certain parts were a little bit icy but the sun was filtering through which highlighted dew drops on the fading foliage.

Before heading out through my garden gate I paused for a moment and observed many quail foraging in front of my neighbour’s garden.  We have frequent visits from the quail at this time of year.  I always find them fascinating to watch.


There were so many contrasts created by nature. The bright red leaves and branches of mahonia and dogwood set against the deciduous trees and skyline.  The washed up log also added to the scene.

Bright red leaves on Mahonia Bushes, Red Dogwood Branches

I particularly liked this photo of the white bark of an old tree backed by evergreen trees.


The far distant hills were lightly dusted in snow which stood out against the crystal blue sky.  

View to Vernon

It seemed that everywhere I turned there was a beautiful sight to see.  I felt fortunate to have such easy access to these amazing views.  

Fintry Boat Launch

Returning home I paused again to take in my home and surroundings.  The Fintry house is starting to look a little festive.   I have had fun these past few weeks collecting greenery as I do every year.  It is one of my favourite things to do leading up to Christmas.  

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