Confused Nature

Winter to Fall again

Like most of us in the Okanagan BC I was most surprised to see snow arrive in early November.  (Nov 2nd to be exact).   As in my last post I thankfully did manage to move the bulk of the tender plants into the garage.  I have two remaining tomato plants in the greenhouse which were completely frozen.  

The consequence of these varied temperatures has really confused the natural course of events in the garden and surrounding area.  It was really unusual to see orange golden leaves on the snow.  As of writing this post, the subsequent rainfall melted the snow and everything looks fresh and green again.  

Photos taken in Fintry Provincial Park After Early Snowfall

Back to Green Grass and Changing Leaves

The leaves that would have normally dropped from shrubs and trees in the garden have actually remained longer. 

Faded leaves on Hydrangea Bush
Leaves Still Remain on Japanese Maple

It caught many of my remaining flowering plants by surprise.  In particular the sunflowers and rudbeckias.

Needless to say that I am happy that temperatures have warmed up again and I have been busy cutting down some of the dead stalks on the perennials and raking a few more leaves.  I am still enjoying some colour from plants in my containers which I sheltered during the unexpected drops in temperature.

Burgundy Chrysanthemum
Yellow Viola



I am making the most of these fall like conditions before Winter truly arrives.  



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