Fintry – Shorts Creek Update

Fintry – Shorts Creek Waters Subsiding 

I was happy to see during my walk today (May 15, 2017) the waters have subsided along Shorts Creek.  At the same time there is concern with the lake levels rising.  There is little beach to be seen right now and a brown sludge can be spotted from a distance as the creek meets the lake.  There has been a terrific amount of debris brought down by the rushing waters, some of which has sadly ended up in the lake.  

Shorts Creek – Debris Remaining from Rushing Waters

I haven’t had an opportunity to get up to the waterfall but my husband managed to capture a rainbow across the canyon on his hike up there over the weekend.   

Meanwhile Fintry Provincial park has come alive with green foliage and flora.  I have never seen it so lush.  Plenty of lilacs in bloom, mahonia (oregon grape) and saskatoon serviceberry.   The wild lupine and penstemon will shortly be blooming which I am sure I will capture on another day.  

Mahonia (Oregon Grape)


Saskatoon Serviceberry (Amelanchier Alnifolia)



In the meantime I am keeping a close eye on the weather as this state of calm can change at any moment.  

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I thought it was time for a garden update and what better time to do it as we approach Mother’s Day.   These past couple of weeks I have been very preoccupied with looking after my grandchildren along with an evacuation alert. Water flow in Shorts Creek reached dangerous levels. I must admit one day was really alarming.  We waited with anticipation for the water levels to drop.

High Water Along Shorts Creek, Fintry Provincial Park

Photos taken a few days later when the water flow had subsided.  Thankfully the creek was reinforced around the Fintry Barns to avoid the road being taken out.  


We could be going through this scenario again with the possibility of warm temperatures followed by heavy rainfall.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be ok.  

I am slowly planting out the seedlings grown in the greenhouse.  It is always a constant battle though trying to keep on top of the slugs and snails.  They just love the new green growth.  The garden is almost in full leaf now and is very vibrant and green.  Here are a few views taken from different aspects.

Witch Hazel and Weeping Japanese Maple in Full Leaf
Double Yellow Tulip, Double Daffodil
Deep Purple Iris against new green growth on Coreopsis
Light Catching New Leaves on Hydrangea Paniculata







As the night temperatures increase I have been able to place my hanging baskets outside. With fertilizing them each week with “Miracle Gro” they are really coming along well.

We will soon be able to pick lettuce from our first crop which is under a cold frame and I already have several other batches in varying stages of growth.  As you can gather I am more dedicated to flowering plants and shrubs.  My husband tends to deal with the vegetable garden.  He has been busy getting it ready digging it over with our compost and a few bags of sheep’s manure.  

Hopefully on Mother’s Day I will be able to sit back with a nice cup of tea and admire my garden from the front porch.   Hope all you moms (mums) are treated just as well.  

Happy May 1st


It is difficult to know where to begin.  The garden has changed dramatically these past few weeks.  At the beginning of the month I was feeling a little disheartened at the lack of activity.  Now the trees and shrubs are bursting with new growth.  Finally the tulips, daffodils, violets and muscari are blooming.   The increased buds and foliage has attracted both the birds and bees to the garden.   I am always fascinated watching the humming birds feed and the finches coming down to the pond to drink.

Three Bees on Hellebore Bloom

Yellow Finch
Humming Bird at Feeder






The pond and rock garden area has taken on a life of its own.  Masses of rockery plants are in bloom cascading over the rock wall.  White arabis and yellow alyssum with a few pockets of mauve aubretia.  

Yellow Perennial Alyssum
Rockery Plants Cascading




Arabis Surrounding Pot of Stonecrop.  
Mauve Aubretia

Meanwhile in Fintry Provincial Park there has been a transformation too.  Shorts Creek continues to rise.  New light green leaves appearing everywhere.  

Dogwood Leaves and Buds

Gardening wise this is the busiest time of the year for me.  Not only am I trying to keep up with the outside gardens but I am also busy in the greenhouse.  The seedlings are looking very healthy and it will just be a matter of time before I will be able to transfer the hanging baskets to outside.

Hanging Baskets will soon be moved outside

Life in the Greenhouse – zucchini, basil and cucumber seedlings.  Herb pot includes salvia, oregano, chives, rosemary, thyme and cilantro,.  


Moments in the Garden 3rd Anniversary

 Early Photos of the Findleberry Garden

I can’t believe that I am celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Moments in the Garden.  The Findleberry Garden has evolved over this time.  When we first bought our home in Fintry the garden was very neglected.  My husband worked on some of the structural features while I slowly added some of my favourite English country-style flowers.  It has given us a lot of  pleasure;  it is our sanctuary.  We love to sit by the pond and here the light splash of water from the fountain.  I hope that my gardening tips and floral photography has enlightened some of you.  I never thought that starting this blog would lead into photography but almost every day I capture something in the garden or in Fintry Provincial Park.  There is a remarkable difference from my early photography to photos recently taken.  One of my favourites is the two toned tulip.  It has even led me to experiment in floral arrangements.  This enables me to showcase flowers currently blooming in the garden.



These past few weeks there has been a burst of growth.  In particular I am finally seeing some new buds appearing on the rose bushes.  They were severely set back this year.  

New Leaves on Ornamental Lacy Leaf Maple
New Growth in the Findleberry Garden
Gold Flame Spirea

I certainly will not have any problem replenishing the garden.  There are numerous seedlings in the greenhouse.   A long list of both annual and perennial  flower varieties as well as my standard tomato, lettuce, basil and cilantro seedlings. 


I hope to continue to inspire others to garden.  Hope you all have a great gardening year.  Thanks for supporting me.  Vyvienne


Happy Easter

Happy Easter

With Easter fast approaching I have opted for a simple theme this year.  Once again it has been quite the challenge obtaining fresh plants and flowers in my area.  The long winter has certainly had a long-term effect, i.e. delays in stock being brought up from the mainland.  However, I did manage to pick up a selection of frilly pansies which I think are delightful.  They match perfectly with the pastel coloured containers I obtained from Ikea a few weekends ago.  Not a big investment but adding a splash of colour to my front porch.   I also managed to discover some reasonable potted hydrangea plants in Home Depot.  They have a great choice and they are of good quality.  I will use the one I bought for indoor decor first and then slowly adjust it for being planted outside.  

As for the garden….everything seems to be on hold at the moment.  The buds and blooms are just ready to burst but with cooler temperatures this week they have been set back.  Currently flowering are my violets and scillas adding fresh fragrance as well as a number of primroses.

Violets, Primroses and Scilla   

I have been continually assessing winter damage particularly to my roses.  I had almost given up on one of them but discovered new shoots at the base.  Lesson learnt – don’t give up just give them time to recover.  

New leaves on potted Japanese Maple
Forsythia about to Bloom







Wishing all my followers a very Happy Easter.  Hope you are able to share it with family and friends.

Fintry Provincial Park Opens

Fintry Provincial Park Barns

Fintry Provincial Park Opens April 7, 2017

Camping Spot

I have written many posts about Fintry Provincial Park as we are fortunate to live close by in the delta.  It is one of the favourite parts of my day walking through the park and down to the lake.  With looking after my daughter’s dog these past few weeks it has encouraged us to take even more walks than usual.

It was only a few weeks ago that the park was covered in snow.  Now the trails are clear and there are patches of lush green grass.  There is definitely a delay this year with the trees budding out and I will be on the look out for those first wild flowers. There is an abundance of bird life and walking near the entrance the other day a marmot popped up.  

Clean up crews have been busy getting the park ready and clearing the trees that were felled last year.  It is certainly a great place to come and get away from the hustle and bustle enjoying nature and all it has to offer.  

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Please also visit to learn more about the history and heritage of this area.

Happy Trails, Happy Camping



April Showers

As the saying goes April showers bring forth May flowers.  It certainly has been the case in the area I live in.  I have welcomed the rain along with sunny breaks – a perfect mix for bringing on the flowers, trees and shrubs; even the lawns are starting to turn a brighter green.

This is also the month that we celebrate Easter this year.  I have already been looking out for interesting containers and was happy to discover some pastel ones in Ikea.  The frilly pansies look great in them.

After patiently waiting the garden has finally come to life.  Now in the rockery garden there are groups of crocus and miniature daffodil blooming.  The chionodoxa (glory of snow) has small blue buds showing as well as the grape hyacinth (muscari).  Even the pond is back up and running thanks to my husband and the fish have safely been returned.

I have many tulip clumps and I am hoping they will flower by Easter.  There are a few primroses in bloom from last year but I could not help buying a few more.


The forsythia is forming yellow buds and leaves are starting to open on my ornamental maples and spirea .  I always like to bring in sprigs of forsythia and force them into flower.  

Unfortunately my hellebores have suffered from the long hard winter as well as some of my roses.  While I was down in Vancouver I was intrigued how many hellebores were planted in containers outside restaurants in Yaletown. There are so many varieties to choose from now.  I will definitely be on the hunt for some when I next visit the plant nurseries.  Most days now I can escape to the greenhouse.  The overwintered plants are doing well as I have started to fertilize them weekly.  Meanwhile seeds are sprouting including basil, rosemary, lettuce and tomato.  Even the perennial seeds I planted just over a week ago are starting to come through; so far lupine, dianthus and foxglove.  This for me is my favourite time of year where you can discover something new in the garden each day.