Early Fall Colours

Early fall colours created by hazy skies.





My walk this morning through Fintry Provinicial Park offered almost mist like scenes.  I couldn’t believe how dry Shorts Creek is.  What a difference from the rushing waters in early spring.   

Shorts Creek, Early Spring
Shorts Creek, Early Fall

The watery orange sun is trying to break through the trees and gives a different glow to the grasses.  Orange/red coloured rosehips are in abundance enhanced by this ethereal light.  

 As I venture further along my walk I hear the odd leaf drop and see signs of early fall with changing coloured foliage.  In particular, the lilacs have drastically died off.  This could also have been brought on by the excessive dry season.

The Avenue, Early Fall


Lilac Bushes




Changing Coloured Leaves

As I near my home, I capture my neighbour’s blackberry bushes.  The berries look healthy and are ready for picking.

On the plus side, the garden has greatly benefitted from the cooler temperatures.  I think my hydrangea paniculata “limelight” has almost doubled in size

Baden Baden Rose, 2nd Blooming
Osteospermum, 2nd Blooming

There is still plenty of colour provided by second bloomings on the roses and osteospermum.   The rudbeckias and sunflowers continue to put on a good show.   

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Late Summer Flowers

Late Summer light on the rockery garden.  Fall is in the Air

Late summer flowers come into play and with cooler night temperatures the garden has recovered.  Oranges, reds and yellows are the prominent colours from heleniums, rudbeckias, sunflowers, gallardias and the remaining zinnias.  

Late Summer Flowers

There has been a second blooming on several of my roses including my pink miniature rose in the front container.   Love the double crimson climbing rose that is filling the blank spots on the front rose arbour.   

Most importantly though I have been well rewarded in the vegetable garden.  An abundance of tomatoes including cherry, roma and beefsteak.  I can’t keep up with the cucumbers (both english and pickling varieties).   The   zuchinni and various sqaush are forming as well as peppers.  It’s great when you can just step out the front door and pick basil, rosemary and oregano.  The peaches have done well too despite some leaf curl earlier.  

This month has been interspersed with camping trips and an unexpected getaway to Bowen Island.  After living in Canada for over 42 years this is the first time I have ever visited.   With only a 15 minute ferry ride from the mainland you are suddenly integrated into Island life.  Quaint stores and in particular a small garden nursery and florist that I fell in love with.  The motto outside says it all “Live Simply”. Plenty to choose from eating wise and I admired all architecture and flowers along the way.

Lovely combination. Pink zinnias and blue salvias.
Artisan Cafe






After exploring and before returning to the mainland we spent some quiet time on the beach watching a group of sailing boats.  All in all a great day’s visit.  Now it’s back to reality and spending time on my neglected garden.  

Skimikin Lake Under Smoky Skies

Sunlight Through Trees – Skimikin Lake Recreation Site


We escaped to Skimikin Lake for a few days despite the smoky skies.  We had our daughter’s dog Rufuss to keep us company.  Earlier this year we checked out this area and could not believe the devastation.  This was first caused by flooding followed by some severe wind storms.  The site operator and volunteers did an amazing job of cleaning up.  There is still more work to be done but they will have to hold off until later in the year with the constant threat of fires.  

Restored Camping Areas

We were fortunate to get into our favourite camping spot which is shaded on three sides by cedar trees and opens out to the lake.  

When we first arrived the lake was very much engulfed in smoke due to the Mt. Chase fire just 10 km away.  Luckily though the wind changed direction and we had periods of blue sky.  The first evening the sun was bright red which created this hazy orange glow across the lake and surrounding hillside.  

Smoky Sky

 As the water level is still pretty high there were only a few wildflowers to photograph.  I was entertained by a trio of ducklings that were happily perched on a log.  Of course, I always love to see the loons; their call always reminds me of the film “On Golden Pond”.   

Golden Asters

We certainly welcomed the cool breezes from the lake and enjoyed kayaking.  My husband was not too successful with fishing; the water was too warm so he says!  Camping always gives me an opportunity to truly wind down and actually read a book.  We also spent time with long-time friends remembering special people in our lives who sadly are no longer with us.  Rufuss of course enjoyed the many walks and cooling off in the lake.  

Another successful camping trip.  Hope it will not be too long before we can come here again.


Mid Summer Blooms

Mid Summer Blooms – Helenium, Sunflower & Rudbeckia

As we reach the end of July,  the bright summer blooms come into play including helenium, sunflower and rudbeckia.   Despite the intense heat over these last few weeks parts of the garden continue to flourish.  In particular as ever my hydrangea paniculata bush is putting on a good show.

 Hydrangea Paniculata (Limelight)

The rockery garden has definitely peaked now with just the odd flower here and there.  The sedum heads are starting to form already which seems a little too soon.  

View of Rockery Garden, Sedum Heads Forming




Over in the more shadier area of my front garden the cool colours of the various phlox work well against the silver leaves of the perovskia.

 This is when it has paid off sowing annual seeds earlier in the year to add extra colour to the garden.  The zinnias have really done well.  Sadly the long spell of hot weather has taken its toll on the hanging baskets.  The geraniums continue to thrive and I have begonias starting to flower.  The basket stuffers though are pretty much done.  

Brightly coloured zinnias give a boost  of colour to the garden.  


With having a lot of company this past month, the vegetable garden and greenhouse has been of great benefit.  I have harvested most of the lettuce and have already seeded another batch.  Tomatoes and cucumbers are ripening and plump peaches are forming. We will be picking them within the next few weeks.  

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and reaping the benefits of the garden.  

Vancouver Island – Courtenay, Qualicum Beach

Moving on to Vancouver Island





After our delightful trip on the Sunshine Coast we travelled over to Vancouver Island on the Powell River ferry.  Luckily I remembered at the last minute that there is another ferry at Earl’s cove you have to take before reaching Powell River.  Again…I am glad I made a reservation.

Our next airbnb was located just north of Courtenay in Merville. (www.airbnb.ca/rooms/446153?location=Merville%2C%20BC&s=wLfQlpWc)  This was more in a country setting and our hosts Hilary and Steve made us welcome too.  Each day there were offerings from their garden including garlic scallions and raspberries.   It was such a quiet peaceful retreat.  

This trip we tended to do more beach time and found a lovely spot 5 minutes from the airbnb – Williams Beach.  It was great having a picnic lunch there taking in the sunshine and ocean breezes.  With new picnic basket in hand and a bottle of wine we were all set.  Little did we know on our second day there we would have a helicopter land right in front of us and a bride and groom step out.  When we first arrived, we noticed what looked like bridesmaids on the beach but I did not pay much attention.  So how surprised were we when literally we were entertained by the arrival of the helicopter and the bride and groom connecting with their bridal party.    Sadly I only had my 50 mm lens so I could not zoom in.  At the same time, I did not want to encroach on this special celebration as they had their own photographer.  



Unexpected Wedding Party on the Beach


Just shortly after this, we were surprised to see a horse galloping our way.  This rider from Alberta brings her horse down twice a week to the beach.  

We couldn’t have planned this any better.  Enough excitement for one night.  

Location for WTN show Chesapeake Shores (old Chamber of Commerce Building)

The last stop on this summer vacation was in Qualicum Beach – a place that I have always been fond of.  Many years ago we promoted Qualicum Beach to old neighbours of ours.  They ended up moving there while we ended up in the Okanagan.  I am always taken in by how well the shop owners do up their window boxes.   


We were able to spend a couple of nights with our friends catching up with news of family and friends.  A perfect end to our vacation.  

Great job with your containers Susanne!


Sunshine Coast


 An unexpected trip to the Sunshine Coast and Beyond.

My husband and I decided to do a last minute trip to the Sunshine Coast and then onto Vancouver Island (separate post).  We normally do not travel in the height of the Summer, however we were able to book some airbnb’s at the last minute.  We also made sure to reserve the ferry from Horseshoe Bay.  We tried to simplify the trip by taking Murphy B.  My husband had picked up an old suitcase to fit on the back of the MGB a while ago .  This in the end worked out perfectly for packing our clothes giving us extra space.   

It has been some time since we last visited this coastline and I realized how much I missed being by the ocean.  We enjoyed exploring Halfmoon Bay, Roberts Creek, Sechelt and Gibsons.  Each area has its own unique features.  I found a great little garden shop in Roberts Creek, “The Rusty Hinge”.  The owner originally ran a florist in Vancouver.  She certainly had an eye for picking up unusual containers for her plantings;  plus local people in the community had donated old garden tools which added to the ambience of the store.   We also visited quaint stores in Sechelt.  One called Redecor (www.facebook.com/redecorsechelt) with repurposed products.  We ended up getting a lovely used picnic basket which served us well on the next stage of our trip.  



We lucked out too with our airbnb “Passiflora”. (www.airbnb.ca/rooms/11041247).  A lovely suite with ocean views from the back deck.  It was situated just north of Sechelt.  A good location not far from amenities.  Our hosts Luba and Maurice made us most welcome.  I zoned in of course on the shrubs, roses and flowers in the front and back of the property including a palm tree.  

Passiflora Airbnb


Views from airbnb Passiflora


We only had two nights stay here but having booked another airbnb near Courtenay on Vancouver Island we sadly had to move on.  Next post – Vancouver Island – Courtenay, Qualicum

Highlights of June

Highlights of the June Garden.  As we come to the end of June I always like to look back at my photos to see how the garden has progressed.  This is a time when we start to reap the benefits of all the hard work that has been put in during the preceding months.  Towards the beginning of the month we were threatened by high waters in Shorts Creek located a short distance away from our home.  Thankfully this has subsided but now residents along the waterfront have struggled for a long time now with high lake water.  During my walk though this morning through Fintry Provincial Park I was pleased to see that there has been some subsidence and there is a glimpse of the beach again.  

One of the first perennials to bloom in June is the oriental poppy.  I have slowly been spreading these throughout the garden so that there are splashes of pink/peach papery flowers.  Some of the flower heads are quite large.  


Next on the list to bloom are the purple alliums along with my first crimson peony.  

Crimson Peony   
Bee Happily Feeding on Allium Bloom


Meanwhile the rockery garden is ablaze with colour.  Creeping veronica, campanula, dianthus and yellow sedum have definitely taken hold and cascade over the large retaining rocks.  


Creeping Blue Veronica
Purple Campanula & Yellow Sedum




Crimson Dianthus

As we progress through June the first of my roses to bloom is the double apricot one.    This variety has a subtle fragrance so I love to bring the cut flowers into the house.   Sadly due to the harsh winter I lost a number of other roses.  In particular my arbour rose was severly affected.  I have underplanted with two new climbing roses (Climbing Blaze and High Flyer) which I am happy with and hope that at least next year it will fill in all the gaps where the dead wood was pruned.  


High Flyer

Climbing Blaze 

I have also planted a floribunda rose called “intrigue” which I am waiting to see bloom and I am very happy with the hybrid tea rose that I bought called “Baden-Baden”.  

Hybrid Tea Rose – Baden-Baden



With continuous fertilizing with miracle gro and watering the hanging baskets are filling in really well and I am very happy with the results.  

 Now I can look forward to the next wave of flowers including the annuals I grew from seed.  We will also be starting to pick produce from the vegetable garden.  I already have harvested a good amount of romaine lettuce.  

Wishing all my followers a very Happy 150th Canada Day

(I was hoping that my red and white zinnias would be in bloom.  They are still only in bud.  Instead a photo of a container of white geraniums and red petunias taken on my recent Kelowna garden tour will have to suffice).